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The INFLIBNET Centre has developed a web-based interface called "Vidya-mitra: Integrated e-Content Portal" for all e-content projects, developed / funded under the National Mission of Education through ICT. There are more than 50 projects on e-content under NME-ICT which are developed / being developed in various subject disciplines (science, arts, engineering, social science, etc) through various Indian institutes / universities / colleges

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Content of 35+ project has been uploaded in the platform. More content from different projects are being uploaded including NPTEL, e-PG Pathshala NCERT, etc. Metadata enriched e-content have been stored with appropriate subject descriptors.

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The video component for all modules of Management Accounting, Zoology Experiments, Fermentation Technology, Analytical biochemistry, Quantum and nano computing, Physical education,and Economics are uploaded.

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